Balance of Trade (Liaden)

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Title: Balance of Trade

Series: Liaden Universe

Author: Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SF

Pages: 670



Jethri, young spaceborn Terran, is hated by his mother and she wants him gone. In one of those upsets of circumstances, Jethri is taken as a new apprentice, on a Liaden ship.

Adopted as the new heir of the Captain, Jethri is plunged into the Liaden world, filled with Honor, Melanti, and pitfalls he has no idea even exist. Thankfully, he acquires allies who help him as he in turn helps them.


My Thoughts:

As with previous Liaden novels, I simply loved this. I cannot pin down exactly what Lee & Miller do to make me love their books, but it hasn’t failed yet.

One thought that did strike me was how much this reminded of “Jane Austen…..In Space!”  The light romance touches, the family/clan drama, it just struck as Austen-lite and I really liked it.

This story follows a different Liaden clan from the former books and I am glad of that. It actually follows a Terran who is becoming Liaden. So everything is from Jethri’s viewpoint. I am glad to have read the previous Liaden books, as it gave me a background that helped me know pieces that weren’t obvious.

Everything that characterized the former books was here as well. It does end incomplete, but not a cliffhanger.  Looking forward to the next book immeasurably. I wonder how long I can drag it out before I HAVE to read it?


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