Deadspeak (Necroscope #4)

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Title: Deadspeak

Series: Necroscope #4

Author: Brian Lumley

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Pages: 517



Harry is BACK. But his son, to defend his bad ass vampire self, took away Harry’s Necroscope powers and returned him to Earth.

Now another Vampire is Ascending, one with the capability and know how to survive in our modern age. A Vampire who can Foretell the future. A Vampire who is the blood son of Faethor Ferenczi.

Can Harry regain his Mad Skillz, Defeat Janos and Prevent Faethor from taking over his mind?

Find out in this 4th Necroscope Novel!


My Thoughts:

I know my synopsis sounds ridiculous, but really, as much as I am truly enjoying the deliciousness of these books, they are just so THAT.

I really like the fact that these are also Cold War era thrillers as well as Vampires as Ultra-Monsters horror stories. The politics and how the world was at that time make this a lot of fun to read about. However, young people today will be missing out on a lot. They won’t know who Nicolae Ceaușescu was or anything.

I think that Janos, the Vampire of this book, is the worst yet. He raped his mother repeatedly because he hated his father [and that is why this got the sexually explicit tag], allowed himself to be killed to survive until the present day, takes over a blood relative’s body and then just plays mind games with Harry. Each Vampire gets worse in each book and it is wonderful. Vampires are BAD and these books show just what horrible monsters they are.

One thing that I wondered and kind of look forward to, is Harry killing Harry Jr. That little brat is now a Necroscoped Vampire who is a Super Genius. I don’t care how good, strong or noble his intentions are, he is a Vampire and it will show at some point. And Lumley seems to like making Harry suffer and to I like seeing him suffer [he’s really not the most likable of people] so having him kill his own son that he sacrificed so much for would just hit the spot I think.

Good stuff, eh!

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