Savage Fire (Executioner #28)

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Title: Savage Fire

Series: The Executioner #28

Author: Don Pendleton

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 138



Leo Turin is apparently under a kill order from the Mafia and someone knows he’s a fed. And someone in the feds is a dirty fink linked to the mafia.

If he stays, he dies, if he leaves, he dies.

Mack doesn’t turn his back on his friends. And if it means killing even more outrageous amounts of mafioso, then so much the better.


My Thoughts:

Really enjoyed this one. The head of the Mafia, whom Mack spared [even while blowing his legs off] a couple of books back, is fighting for what’s left of his life and his position. Leo is caught in the crossfire and nobody knows who is fighting for who because of the veil of secrecy the mafia uses.

But Bolan won’t be stopped. He kills, he destroys and in the process he sets up Leo to a new mafia lord who can feed the Feds even more info. Everyone but the Mafia wins!

Man, I love it when the badguys get moyduhed!

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