Uncharted Stars (Murdoc Jern #2)

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Title: Uncharted Stars

Series: Murdoc Jern #2

Author: Andre Norton

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 232



Murdoc and Eet are blacklisted by the Patrol and the Guild, so how are they going to survive? Kidnap a drunk former space pilot, hook up with an alien and solve the puzzle of where the Zero Stones come from of course!


My Thoughts:

This had to be some of the most stoic writing ever.

And Murdoc continues to distrust Eet, afraid that he’ll take over his mind or use him or “something”. He makes several stupid decisions on this alone and gets the whole crew in trouble.

But in spite of that, things were kind of rolling along, right up until the end,

where Eet, with the power of a whole planet of Zero Stones, turns into HER original form and is of course, a beautiful woman.

(hide spoiler)

I could not believe that. Both books were focused on friendship, companionship, duty, etc, etc without even a hint of romance. And then that. It was like taking a big bottle of Heinz Ketchup and squirting the whole bottle on a fillet mignon steak, to “make it palatable for everyone”.

Kind of glad there are no more Murdoc Jern books so I won’t even be tempted to read them.

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