The Broken Eye (Lightbringer #3)

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Title: The Broken Eye

Series: Lightbringer #3

Author: Brent Weeks

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 972



Gavin loses his power, is kidnapped by pirates, loses his eye and comes back to the Chromeria.

Kip continues his duel with Andross and ends up fleeing the Chromeria with his ex-blackguard group.

Kariss becomes the next White in spite of Andross’s schemes.

The Color Prince uses Black Luxin and we find out that Gavin can use it at will, as the Lightbringer. We also find out what Black Luxin is capable of.

Lots of other things happen to lots of other people as well.


My Thoughts:

I no longer give out 5 Stars on an initial read. Those are saved for books that upon a re-read are just as good as the first time.

However, some books are so close that they deserve the 4.5 Stars. And this book deserves that.

I was worried going into this book, as I really enjoyed The Blinding Knife and was afraid my expectations might be a tad high. That is one thing I have found, my expectations can effect my reading quite a bit.

However, this was pretty solid for the first 75%. Good stuff. A great continuation of the story started in the previous two books.

Then things ramped up right until the end and I was left almost breathless. Intrigue, violence, battles, rescues, escapes, chases, corrupted magic users.

Books like this are why I like and continue to like, Fantasy. It makes me glad I bought this in hardcover. And a really good start to 2015. Booyah!

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