The Kalispell Run (Endworld #4)

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Title: The Kalispell Run

Series: Endworld #4

Author: David Robbins

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 212



Alpha Triad is split up. Beefcake Boy [the man on the cover] and Token Indian Guy take Chieftess Hot Chick back to her clan because she claims they have the equipment the Family needs.

Hickock heads out after a hotblooded young idiot who gets himself captured while trying to prove how capable he is.

Meanwhile, back at the Camp…. the Power Monger is revealed and not dealt with.


My Thoughts:

Around the halfway mark I was ready to put this down. It was racist all around, culturally illiterate [a japanese guy who wants to kill the leadership of the family because he couldn’t win a sword? After 100 years, there shouldn’t BE any ethnic’ness left, sigh] and just as stupid [rippling brawny muscles is despairing because he’d left his darling Jenny back at the compound] as the previous books.

Then a switch turned in me and I sat back and enjoyed the 80’s badness of it. It was like a MST3K book, just without the funny commentary.

But lets be real, this is trash. I’m talking trailer living, twinky eating, beer chugging trash. How it continued for so many books [25+ I believe] is beyond me. I’m certainly not paying for these, even if I am continuing to borrow and read them.

And to continue my indie rants from before…

I believe this is some of the worst you can get from the 80’s. And it is still better than 90% of the indie offerings I see today in the Kindle SFF section. As absolute PANTS [man, I love foreign curse words, as they aren’t for me :-)] as this series is, as completely juvenile, mindless and cringeworthy as it continues to be, it is still BETTER.

Don’t talk to me about the Big Publishing Houses stifling creativity or such drivel. They were some chikusho good Gatekeepers and I for one miss that function. And don’t tell me that the Indie Cream will rise to the top through word of mouth, etc. A pound of Cream will still taste like crap if it is wrapped in 10 pounds of manure.

Hmm, lets see, what else can’t you tell me? I’ll get back to you on that.

Hopefully, this will be the last of my rants for a bit. Can’t allow such useless idiots to drive even one aspect of my life.

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