Cleveland Pipeline (The Executioner #30)

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Title: Cleveland Pipeline

Series: The Executioner #30

Author: Don Pendleton

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 110



Mack sniffs out a Mafia Man who might be going big, only to discover the guy is a two bit masher. So the real mystery is who is behind the Don and what are their nefarious plans?

And we’re introduced to some Peace and Love chick who Bolan seems to fall in love with.


My Thoughts:

First,not a huge fan of these new ebook covers. They’re lifeless and have NONE of the pulpy zip and zang of the 70’s and 80’s releases. Oh well, at least there are some legit ebook releases now. I am glad for that.

Bolan is beginning to realize that corrupt politicians and power mongers are just as bad, and maybe more prevalent, than the Mafia. With his code of honor, that puts them out of his range for the most part. So far he has always allowed Brognola [his friend inside Washington] to take down the Legitimate Targets from within the Legal System.

In this book, we see him take out a non-Mafia target. It felt like a line had been crossed. It also felt like the girl in this book might be more than just the one book bimbo. We’ll see if she comes back. If she does, I know she’ll die at some point. Mack doesn’t get to be happy.

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