Deadspawn (Necroscope #5)

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Title: Deadspawn

Series: Necroscope #5

Author: Brian Lumley

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Pages: 558




Harry is a vampire. And he raises several others from their dead ashes. And he messes around with other ESP’ers talents. Eventually he runs away to Starside after dealing with a serial murderer who is also a necromancer.

On Starside things aren’t looking so good either. The Dweller has devolved, Karen is alive and Shaithis has hooked up with the original Vampire, who just happens to be called Shaitan. Yeah. The original Cast Out One.

Finally, nukes are involved!


My Thoughts:

Each book so far in this series has really pushed the edges. However, this one really disturbed me. The pages long perverted vampire sex; the descent of Harry and the choices he makes that kills off friend after friend after friend; the complete and utterly distorted philosophy dumps mixed with new age feel good crapola.

It all combined to make me feel like I’d been dragged through a septic tank.

However, it was still really good writing and due to how much I’ve enjoyed the previous books, I’m going to let the next book have a chance. But if it approaches the level of disturbingness that was this book, then I’ll be done with Lumley.

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