Blood Brothers (Vampire World #1) (Necroscope #6)

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Title: Blood Brothers

Series: Vampire World, Necroscope

Author: Brian Lumley

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Pages: 622



Harry Keogh is dead. But before dying, he got it on with a Szagny woman who ended up having twins.

This sub-series, Vampire World, of the Necroscope series follow Nathan and Nestor on the Vampire World. One lusts after the power of the fallen vampires, the other trying to figure out what that wall of numbers in his head means.


My Thoughts:

This book, at 600+ pages, was a monster [hehehehehe]. However, it was mostly setup.

The first 10% was retelling the end of Deadspawn from another viewpoint than Harry’s and finding out that even when mostly dead, Harry is a real horndog. Letting us know that Harry’s line will survive.

The next 20% – 30% was retelling the Shaitan origin story. How the nuclear blast from Deadspawn sent him back and started the whole vicious cycle. It is more about the rise of the Vampire Lords than anything and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Filling in the history gaps.

Then another 10% – 20% [this is all just really rough guesswork, as I didn’t realize how things were going to be at the beginning and hence didn’t keep track really] is about how there is yet another group of Vampire Lords in yet another Mountain area. These vamps fight their primal urges and are basically ascetics. This leads into one of them going back to Starside to take over since the original vampire lords were all wiped out.

Finally, we get to Nathan and Nestor, the twin sons of Harry. We get a little bit of their growing up and then we really join them when the vampires return and attack. Both go their own ways. One to learn about his abilities, the other to become a vampire.

And there is a girl involved.

This was not nearly as depressing or perverted as Deadspawn. There were graphic descriptions, but they were short and not pages long, nor were they as monstrous as in the previous book. Felt like Lumley pulled back and it really improved the book in my opinion. This book passed muster and allowed the Necroscope series another chance at life for me.

4 thoughts on “Blood Brothers (Vampire World #1) (Necroscope #6)

  1. I remember you saying you weren’t much of a fan of horror. I can’t imagine how you’ve managed to plow through six of these already. I *am* a fan and I tried on two different occasions to read the first and wasn’t able to. Probably because I’m not a fan of “ugly.” Starts in a bleak, ugly place with the sickening doings of a necroscope. Guess I was doomed from the get-go. : -)


    1. I suspect it is partly because of my love of the original Dracula. Vampires are just the perfect badguy.

      The other part is that in most horrors I’ve read, there is no hope. People might survive, but it is by blind luck/chance and there is no definitive win against the evil portrayed.
      In these books people CAN fight back and the characters portrayed have a chance.


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