Damia’s Children (Tower and the Hive #3)

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Title: Damia’s Children

Series: Tower and the Hive

Author: Anne McCaffrey

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 300



Following the exploits of Damia’s Children as they come of age and deal with the Hive threat in their time.


My Thoughts:

This was more 4 short stories than 1 novel. However, that worked out ok as you only had to stay with one character so long, which is a blessing if you happen to hate a particular child.

The Hive have lost their homeworld and there is a vocal minority among humanity clamoring for “peace and understanding” even while having no clue about the viciousness of the Hive. To be honest, the child associated with this part of the story drove me up the wall and almost made me put this book down. I can’t stand when “feelings” trump sound, solid thinking.

The other three stories were quite enjoyable. One was about the eldest girl going to the Mridini homeworld to further cement the alliance between Mridini and Humanity. The next 2 were about the 2 boys going to military vessels and using their Talent. The final story dealt with another daughter who was just coming into her teen years and all that that entails.

Overall, this was a good solid story by McCaffrey. Hoping this keeps up with the next 2 books.

Oh, yeah, the cover. This cover is SO aimed at the teen girl crowd. I wouldn’t have read it based on that alone. However, based on the original cover (picture below), I would definitely be reading this. Marketing is scary!



2 thoughts on “Damia’s Children (Tower and the Hive #3)

  1. There is such a thing as non sound, solid thinking. It’s what liberals do 😀

    And the “other three” sentence should have gone with the paragraph before, instead of starting the new one.


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