Satan’s Gambit (The Barrier War #3)

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Title: Satan’s Gambit

Series: The Barrier War

Author: Brian J. Moses

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 640





The demons attack on Earth was only a ruse towards their real goal: Heaven. If Mephistopheles can take Heaven and unite Heaven, Earth and Hell, he will be the ruler of all creation.

Satan himself, however, has planned for all of this and has set in motions plans of his own, most involving the angels and the paladins.

And where is God you might ask? Good question.


My Thoughts:

This went from Dualism, 2 equal and opposite forces, ie God and Satan, to some ying-yang all encompassing, all powerful, force that reeked of cheap cologne, errr, eastern mysticism.

This also went the way of the tv show Supernatural. Bad angels, good demons, an impotent, absent father God and a powerful, active Satan. Really made me wonder if Moses had binged on that show before or during the writing of this book.

An Absent Father/God theology always gets a rise out of me, so that really broke this down for me.

Then the theology dumps. Bad theology mixed with sophistry. I HATE sophistry. It is the mental equivalent to beating up someone unable to defend themselves.   Being a Christian, I read stuff all the time where I don’t agree with the author’s worldview put forth in their books, but I just usually shrug it off. Every once in a while though, something like this comes along and I can’t ignore it.  It ends up ruining the whole book, and in this case, the whole trilogy, for me. I was so disappointed.

So if you’re interested in what I thought of the story, well, I don’t have anything to say about it. It was beside the point to me and didn’t even enter into consideration for this review.


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