The White Rose (The Chronicles of the Black Company #3)

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Title: The White Rose

Series: The Chronicles of the Black Company

Author: Glenn Cook

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 343





The Black Company, fully thrown in with the White Rose, is hiding out in the desert protected by the Rose’s null magic field.

Resurrectionists are still hard at work trying to raise the Dominator and the Lady is gathering an unstoppable army to finish off the Black Company and the White Rose.


My Thoughts:

Enjoyed this and Cutter is still an amusing narrator.

A good adventure story that has a semi-happy ending. The Black Company is disbanded at the end, but making one final trip to their origins to drop off the vaunted Chronicles. Cutter and the Lady hook up [no surprise there!] and the White Rose has fulfilled her destiny in dealing with the Dominator.

This very much seemed like an ending to a series. I know there are more, but perhaps this was the original trilogy? If I don’t like the next book or 2, at least I liked this trilogy. It was good stuff.


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