Salem’s Lot

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Title: Salem’s Lot

Series: —–

Author: Stephen King

Rating: 4  of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Horror

Pages: 470

Format: Kindle





An evil house continues to draw evil inhabitants to it in a small Maine town. This time it is an ancient Vampire and nothing can stop him.


My Thoughts:

King is a consummate writer, which is why I keep reading him. However, I don’t like what he writes about with such skill, which is why I only read one book a year of his.

So a vampire tries to take over a town. And kind of fails. But no one wins and the town is abandoned but some vampires appear to survive. it was a good “bad is bad and the good guys are pretty wussy but keep on fighting” story.

My main beef with King is that he believes, or represents, Good as something pathetic and struggling. I understand that viewpoint, as it is all to easy to look at our world and assume that but it isn’t true and it cuts across the very depths of what I’ve based my life on. So that is why I keep my entanglements to a minimum.

I think my only question/problem was why the vampirism didn’t spread like a plague? It made NO sense to me.  Other than that, this was black velvet.

One more King off the list, one more King enjoyed.


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