Mouse and Dragon (Liaden)

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Title: Mouse and Dragon

Series: Liaden

Author: Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Rating: 4 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 512

Format: Kindle





A direct sequel to Scout’s Progress. In which we see how Daav becomes the man we know him from in other books and what happened to Caylon.

Not much actually happens, but a lot of setup of events that shape future events.


My Thoughts:

I wish I had read this directly after Scout’s Progress instead of waiting 18 months. I didn’t actually realize that it had been so long until I went to look for the previous book and realized that, in publication order, there are several books between that and this. Next time around I’ll be reading in Chronological Order. But for now, Publication is the best I think.

Anyway, this was just as good as the previous Liaden books. Romance that I enjoy instead of gagging over. In space.

But it is definitely a sequel and not be read before Scout’s Progress. This would make no sense without that backdrop.


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