Skin Deep (Legion #2)

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Title: Skin Deep

Series: Legion

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 3 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Paranormal

Pages: 208

Format: Kindle





Stephen Leeds is back, this time to find a body that might be infected with dna tech that could give cancer or the plague, to every single person on the planet.

As are his splintered mind psyche fragments. Old and New. With Old and New Problems.


My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this more than the first book and had more issues with some of the philosophy spouted out, which is why the rating is the same as the previous book, Legion.

I liked how Sanderson showed the problems that Leeds has and how they are growing. Being a super-genius isn’t all that it cracked up to be. ha. Leeds has issues with the number of psyche fragments and even greater issues with a random one showing up. My first thought was “What would it do to Leeds if he simply had one fragment take out a bunch of others to give himself room”? He’d lose skills, but would he take a step back from the edge of completely losing it?  The fact that Sanderson can make me even think these questions is great.

The story itself was pretty good. Potential world plague, intrigue, corporate espionage. All good thriller stuff.

The main issue that brought this down for was the philosophy and the idea of Time being Infinite. Sanderson is at least nominally a mormon and hence I know we share a large amount of philosophy in common. However, I do use the word nominal and the idea of Time being Infinite is not something that is Biblical [not sure if that issue is addressed in the Book of Mormon or not].  In fact, while it might seem like a small issue, the reason it is so big to me is that so far in existence, only God Himself is infinite. Saying that anything else is is tantamount to saying that that is God as well. Wrong theology is one thing, but claiming Divinity [in a real world situation, not in a fantasy story] is Blasphemy.

To finish up, I sure do hope that Sanderson keeps up writing these Legion novellas. They are just plain interesting and engaging.


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