Beyond the Deepwoods (Twig #1) (The Edge Chronicles #1)

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Title: Beyond the Deepwoods

Series: The Edge Chronicles

Author: Chris Riddell & Paul Stewart

Rating: 3  of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Children’s SFF

Pages: 290

Format: Kindle





Twig, an unusual wood troll, finds out he is adopted and is sent off to live with a distant relative. He gets off the path and ends up having MANY adventures culminating in finding his father, a human sky pirate.


My Thoughts:

I didn’t realize this was a children’s book when I started it. I thought it was for teens. However, I realized my error right away and adjusted my thought process and expectations, hence allowing me to finish this without throwing a hissy fit.

Things happen. That more than adequately sums up how this books works. Several times I kept waiting for the main character to wake up and get back to where he last was only to realize that THIS event was in fact happening and it was NOT a dream sequence. I was ok for the first half of the book and then I started getting antsy and wanting things to wrap up.

I suspect kids would simply accept the abrupt changes in the story, as they can relate, ie, their whole world can change in an instant without any input from them or any kind of control. It is part of being a child.  As an adult I simply had enough. I’m keeping on through the series, but I am glad it will be quite some time before I revisit this series.

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