Deathstalker War (Deathstalker #3)

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Title: Deathstalker War

Series: Deathstalker

Author: Simon Green

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 532

Format: Kindle




The time for Rebellion is NOW! With 2 more missions under their belt, the Rebellion moves things into high gear and begins its assault on the Empress herself.

Owen must decide if he will be a Force to be Reckoned With after the dust settles or just a historian again.


My Thoughts:

This was a lot of fun. 2 battles where the Empire is attacking its enemies and 1 battle right on Golgotha [the home asteroid/planet of the Imperial Court] between the Empire and the Rebellion.

That is a lot of fighting, and it was good.

This book wraps up the rebellion against the Empire and is a good place to stop if you’ve been on the line about these books. You get some resolution and a clear cut ending. For those of us who want to keep going, there are still all the Aliens, AI of Shub, Hadenmen and other boogly-wooglies to keep us interested.

This series has been a good pulp read more than anything so far. Nothing excellent stands out but on the flipside, nothing bad or negative sticks out as well. I am ok with the majority of my reads being like that.


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