Hand of the Hunter (Chosen of Nendawen #2) (Forgotten Realms)

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Title: Hand of the Hunter

Series: Chosen of Nendawen

Author: Mark Sehestedt

Rating: 3 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 304

Format: Kindle




Hweilan is Nendawen’s Chosen. But being a Hunter is about training as well as instinct.

If she can survive the training, can she survive the mountains of Highpass and the clans of hobgoblins living there?

Oh no’s!


My Thoughts:

Book One was all about the setup. Just like in all cliched Quest/Revenge stories, you have to have a Training Arc.

This was the training. First Hweilan learns all about herbs and nature and stuff from a little green’ish goblin. Yep, Yoda makes his appearance in Forgotten Realms. Then she becomes all bad ass warrior’y with a fox warrior. Next she learns magic’y things from a Spider lady. Finally, she is hunted by Nendawen himself.

Now she can hunt down Jagen Ghen the demon and his brethren. But she rescues some knights, gets captured by hobgoblins and the book ends with them all in prison while the hobgoblin queen decides whether to turn Hweilan over to Jagen Ghen or not.

With that kind of ending, I immediately started the 3rd and final book. Not sure if I approve of that or not.

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