The Khyber Connection (Time Wars #6)

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Title: The Khyber Connection

Series: Time Wars

Author: Simon Hawke

Rating: 3 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 170

Format: Kindle





The events from the previous book have brought two alternate time streams into confluence.

Separate time streams, not a split.

Thus parallel universes begin a truly horrific conflict.


My Thoughts:

I actually enjoyed this more than most of the previous books. Part of that was because Hawke left off trying to create “feel real” characters and just let them be cardboard cutouts. It works better this way.

I haven’t read the actual The Khyber Connection so I wasn’t able to compare how Hawke weaved this story into that plot line. Reading this made me want to read the actual book but stories of Imperial India, except for Kim, have never truly interested me.

This was good enough that I’ll keep on with the series. I was beginning to wonder after the last book.

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