Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rules

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Title: Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rules

Series: —–

Editor: Del Laugel, Tim Aten

Rating: 5 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Non-fiction

Pages: 209

Format: Kindle


As the title suggests, this is a set of comprehensive rules for the game Magic: The Gathering.

This rule set was created in March of 2015 and as such is already out of date.

Updated, downloadable versions can be found at:

Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rule Set

My Thoughts:

The 5 Battle Axes are not because I thought this was the bestest book EVAH, but because it accomplished what it was created to do, ie, explain all the rules, to date, about the game.

Let me tell you, those rules are comprehensive indeed and exhausting to read. But even with those rules, the whole Judge thing is still needed, with varying levels of Judges to interpret and adjudicate at tournaments.

I play M:TG very casually and recently have even moved away from playing with actual cards to the computer game version on Steam. Mainly because I don’t like going to my local game shop and playing the people there. The fun of playing is outweighed by having to interact with people. I have also realized that most of the people there only play the new sets and as such their knowledge about how older cards work is flawed. I’ve lost several games because they said the rules meant “Y” but when I investigated further, the rules actually meant “X” and that would have changed the game. I’m just not confident enough of a player to force confrontation in the moment.

While I’m glad I read this, I don’t think I’d use it much when playing. If my question is difficult enough for me to have to look it up, I’ll just call my local store [Myriad Games for the record] and ask the guy there. They have some very knowledgeable people on staff.

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