Amazing Agent Luna #11 (Manga)

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Title: Amazing Agent Luna #11

Series: Amazing Agent Luna

Author:  Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir

Artist: Shiei

Rating:  3.5 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Manga

Pages: 248


Luna is under attack from the Agency and the Knights. In a climactic battle, where Terra is trying to kill her, Luna saves Terra but is gravely injured.

Jennifer goes off the rails and pretty much takes down the Agency and the Knights.

Luna survives, Terra learns how to be a little girl and everyone pairs up appropriately for the ending.

My Thoughts:

It has been over a year since I read Vol #10. And that made this volume pretty good. This whole series is pretty saccharine so small doses worked best. But make no mistake, I enjoyed this series. Enough that I bought the whole thing.

Everything ends up happily with several of the adult couples getting married and several of the teens becoming couples. Nothing surprising, nothing sad. Very inline with how the series has been. A little rushed considering how much they packed in, but surprisingly, it worked out pretty good.

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