Lines of Departure (Frontlines #2)

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Title: Lines of Departure
Series: Frontlines
Author: Marko Kloos
Rating: 4 of 5 Battle Axes
Genre: SFF
Pages: 329
Format: Kindle



Andrew Grayson is on the forefront of fighting the aliens. Going in hot, calling down nuclear fire upon them and still humanity is losing.

So do the NAC and SRA ally with each other? Nope. The political games continue, things worsen on Earth and all the malcontents are shipped off to a frozen moon while the leadership tries to figure out if they can fight the aliens.

And Grayson ends up with some former TA colleagues and starts a rebellion on the winter moon when the general in charge tries to become a military dictator.

Things end with the aliens blockading Earth, from Jupiter.


My Thoughts:

This was good!

We get to see Grayson in all forms. In the army calling down nukes, trying to prioritize his relationship with his girlfriend, learning that his mom is a person, learning that the higher ups aren’t just ignorant but they’re deliberately looking out for themselves at humanity’s risk.

There were a couple of times where I wondered HOW in the world he was going to get out of Situation X, Kloos does a good job of making it happen without being totally Deus Ex Machina. I was glad that I had read the short story and novella before this, as it really provided some background about Earth that made a couple of throwaway remarks be a lot more important.

The end, where Earth is probably going to bite the alien bullet, was ok. Probably because I have book 3 and hence can read it, IF I WANT TO, instead of being stuck at a cliff hanger. That being said, I am choosing to wait. Book 4 is coming out later this year and I’d like to wait to read book 3 until I can dive right into 4, IF I WANT TO.

Yes, I am in a good, yell’y mood right now.

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