The Secret of Excalibur (Wilde and Chase #3)

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Title: The Secret of Excalibur

Series: Wilde and Chase

Author: Andy McDermott

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 530

Format: Kindle



A man claiming to be a friend of Nina’s parents gives Nina some important info about the sword Excalibur and then, before he can actually explain anything, is promptly killed.

This sets Nina and Eddie onto the case and into yet another whirlwind adventure, this time trying to recover Excalibur, before a nefarious, blacker than black, Agency of the United States can use it to start World War III. And they have to deal with a Russian billionaire who wants it for himself.

And Nina meets Eddie’s family.


My Thoughts:

Except for one little bit, less than a page, I enjoyed this adventure the most, even while groaning.  Everything is just so neat and pat and the puzzles are revealed like nine pins and Nina knocks them down like a professional bowler and Eddie just handles everything physical beyond what even Batman could take. I need to turn off my brain so I don’t ask questions and I’d enjoy these better.

The main thing that bothered me was when Nina is getting some medal from the United States President, they have a back and forth about his supporters and  how a bunch of them are Creationists. In that conversation Nina is snide beyond belief and the President pretty much throws them under the bus. It just came out of left field, smacked me in the face and then was never part of the story again. And this type of thing hasn’t been in the previous 2 books, so it was weird to have it thrown in. Maybe McDermott had had a bad day or something?

Once again, the action was top notch. There was a car chase in England, somewhere, and Eddie and Nina are having a shootout with the Russians and Eddie’s grandmother is in the car with them. Eddie is a habitual swearer and it was very amusing to read about him trying to turn his streaks of swearing into something more presentable for his grandmother. It just made me grin.

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