Fire With Fire

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Title: Fire With Fire

Series: —–

Author: Charles Gannon

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 490

Format: Kindle



Gary Stu gets frozen, is invited to a super duper secret organization, finds aliens, loses his memory, prevents the earth from getting wiped out by aliens, makes the moves on 2 babes all while having the ethical backbone of Atticus Finch.


My Thoughts:

I liked this story. I did not like the main character.  Story stuff first.

The jumping around in time threw me off, as I almost never pay attention to the dates at the beginning of sections, because most of the time, they are meaningless. This time they weren’t and I had to play catchup to figure out what was going on. I didn’t like that.

The action was good and how things would work out with aliens was acceptable. It was a good story!

Then we have Caine Riordan. Sadly, his name is the best thing about him. He was perfect and that bothered me. I wasn’t sure why, at first. I like “perfect” characters. Rigg from the Pathfinder series by Card is a good example of a perfect character, who I liked. I realized that the difference was we were introduced to Rigg and could see him learning. We were also shown, in snippets, some of his training and what went into the process of forming his thoughts. In short, we learned about Rigg as a person. Riordan, on the other hand, we are simply given fait accompli. He is presented to us, already finished. And to be honest, has as much real “life” to him as a piece of cardboard. It was pretty bad.

For the first 40% of the book I thought about quitting at least 3 times. After that, the pace picked up and there was enough interaction with other characters to make me glad I read this. But I won’t be seeking out any more by Gannon.

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