The Violent Streets (The Executioner #41)

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Title: The Violent Streets

Series: The Executioner

Author: Mike Newton & Don Pendleton

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 185

Format: Scan



Toni Blancanales, one of the members of the new Able Team investigators, is raped and almost killed while on the job. Her brother calls in Mack to find the sicko who did this.

But it looks like the killer is being protected by some of the Men in Blue. Bolan might have to cross a line that he has never crossed before. Can he kill a cop?


My Thoughts:

I only have 3-5 more of these left on my kindle and I have to say, I won’t be sad to see them go.

This wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Instead of Bolan drawing down on a serial murderer/rapist, he gets involved with some high level dirty cops and blackmailed politician. The violence level was way down and my thrillometer barely got beyond the 1TPM [thrill per minute] threshold.

It was interesting to see him debate with himself about taking out dirty cops now. He realizes his war has changed but isn’t exactly sure what the new ground rules are. Between that and the whole thing happening to a friend, this was a very “personal” Executioner book.

I’m hoping the next book has more ♪lawyers♪, ♪guns♪ ♪and money!♪

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