Twilight Watch (Night Watch #3)

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Title: Twilight Watch

Series: Night Watch

Author: Sergei Lukyanenko

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 432

Format: Kindle




Anton is now a mature family man with a little 3 year old daughter. His wife has left the Night Watch and while he is still in it, his heart isn’t.

Throughout the 3 stories presented, Anton must wrestle what it means to be an “Other”. He must decide if the Light and Dark ones are different after all and if the Inquisition is what he wants, or if it too is an empty body politic.


My Thoughts:

The idea of a book or spell that can turn people into Others was interesting. The complications, the effects and the ripples from even the Idea of such a thing are shown in each of these stories.

The writing was much more polished, less chaotic and random, than the first book. The downside was that the morose and melancholy nature that I so enjoyed from the previous books was also tamped down.  Kind of like a campfire after the first 30min. It is now warmer and much more able to fulfill your needs [ie, roasting those horrible ‘smores] but it doesn’t LOOK like a wild raging fire any more.


Lukyanenko’s philosophical musings, given voice by Anton’s thoughts, while running in the same vein as before, are much more “Others” versus “People” instead of “Light” versus “Dark”. Anton ends up thinking that ALL “Others” are like magical vampires, as they live off of the magic of people and the world. Which of course, is utter and complete bollocks. That is on the same level as saying that I am a grass vampire because I breathe in the oxygen it produces. In all honesty, Anton has matured and now has a family to be worried about, he doesn’t need to sit around and mentally masturbate to such puerile philosophy.

I also liked how the Inquisition was shown to be the place for those who had given up hope instead of the last Bastion of Hope for Others.

Originally, I believe this was the last book. At least, I know I’ve seen “The Night Watch Trilogy” on a bunch of older editions of this and earlier books. I do know that there is a fourth book, called The Final Watch, and I’m wondering what Lukyanenko will write about to wrap things up. Aaaaand I just looked and there is a fifth book entitled New Watch, so it looks like I’ve got a bit more reading a head of me than I thought. I’m ok with that.

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