Return of the Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh! R #4) (Manga)

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Title: Return of the Dragon

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh! R

Author/Artist: Akira Ito

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga

Pages: 200

Format: Kindle



Gekko goes up against the Number 1 Card Professor, and loses. Hence, Yugi is shutout from rescuing Anzu.

Kaiba goes up against Yako and even with his Ultimate Blue Eyes, he loses spectacularly.

Things really don’t look good for Anzu.


My Thoughts:

Gekko’s battle was a bit underwhelming but at some point the Good Guys needed to lose. To bad Yugi was paired up with Gekko so one’s loss was the others as well. I know Anzu will be fine in the end, but I’m excited to see how Ito brings the story to its conclusion.

Yako and Seto’s fight was awesome! The dark god cards just radiate menace and it was fun to see Seto overwhelmed.

Looking forward to the conclusion of this series in the next volume.

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