The Assassins of Altis (Pillars of Reality #3)

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Title: The Assassins of Altis

Series: Pillars of Reality

Author: Jack Campbell

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 329

Format: Kindle



Mari and Alain have escaped Marandur. But they are constantly on the run from the Guilds. They must make their way to the Tower of Altis, where there are records that can help Mari, who has now accepted her role as the Daughter of Jules, decide how she will proceed to stop the Storm and save Dematr.

And she and Alain get married.


My Thoughts:

Each time I start these books, I wonder if I’m going to like it and that maybe THIS is the time that Jack Campbell lets me down. I don’t know why. I suspect some of it has to do with it being young adult and I’m just naturally suspicious of that label.

However, THIS book was not THAT book. It did not disappoint.

In fact, I would describe this as a madcap flurry of fights and “barely made it” escapes. It also showcases Mari coming into her own as the Daughter of Jules and how she actually IS bringing Mechanics, Mages and Commons together.

With the political situation here in the US, I realized that this book is about Hope. Not about someone who will promise you what you want or even say they agree with what you believe. I think that spoke to me more than anything because I am fast losing hope that humanity can keep on muddling on without catastrophic consequences.

On a completely different note. With the revelations about the origins of the Mechanics, it was made evident that this whole series is based on one of Campbell’s short stories in his book Ad Astra. In that story, a spaceship emergency lands on a planet, where the crew turn the ship rules into a religion and force the passengers to be their servants. It was one of those “ah ha!” moments that I do enjoy so much.

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