World without a Superman (The Death and Return of Superman #2)

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Title: World without a Superman

Series: The Death and Return of Superman

Author/Artist: Dan Jurgens, et al.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Comics

Pages: 240

Format: Graphic Novel



In the aftermath of Superman’s death, hell breaks loose. A shady government agency steals his body, which Lex Luthor buried in a very public funeral attended by the JLA and the rest of the heroes in the DC universe.

At the same time, Lois has to deal with Clark supposedly having gone missing, while she knows he is dead. Ma and Pa Kent are being torn apart with their private grief and Jonathan ends up in the hospital with a heart attack.

And then things get weird with some sort of afterlife scenario where Pa Kent has to bring back Superman from a potential hell.

And then right at the end, it appears that 4 Supermen have come back.


My Thoughts:

This was fun and as bright, splashy and soap opera’y as one could wish for. This was everything a comic should be. Larger than life characters and scenarios.

Of course, I was rolling my eyes almost the whole time. I mean, super guns being sold to gangsters is the big problem in Metropolis? And Lex Luthor being mad because HE didn’t kill Superman? Ay yi yi.

I enjoyed every page though. And it brings me once book closer to Doomed, where it looks like Superman is infected by Doomsday. I am looking forward to that!

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