State of the Union (Scot Harvath #3)

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Title: State of the Union

Series: Scot Harvath

Author: Brad Thor

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 560

Format: Kindle digital edition



Those damn Ruskies have been playing us for decades. Suddenly, Communism is about to take over and Russia is going to suitcase nuke 20 of our cities. At the same time, they have developed a super secret air defense so that no missiles can get into their airspace. ONLY Scot Harvath, hunk o’ burning love macho secret agent man, can save the United States. Nobody else.


My Thoughts:

This was a huge step up from the previous book, but I think that was because Harvath keeps his trap shut and just goes around shooting people and blowing things up and being all manly. This time around he’s not a completely arrogant ass hat. But don’t worry, he tries.

These books are totally unbelievable and this is coming from a guy who reads mainly science fiction and fantasy.  For example, nobody knows where the suitcase nukes are at the beginning of the book. By the end, they know where they are and they roll up the people and the nukes without one going off.

This was the kind of book, and probably will be that kind of series until I quit, that I just enjoy to pick apart and make fun of. I consider this to be the man’s version of Harlequin romances for woman. Sickening fluff with no substance that you hate even while you’re reading it and yet you keep coming back for more after an appropriate break.  I feel dirty now, like a garbage disposal.

But my goodness, the action, THE ACTION!!!!

I am not a big fan of pictures in reviews, but I feel the following is true to this series.




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