Blood Ties (Batman versus Predator #3)

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Title: Blood Ties

Series: Batman versus Predator

Author/Artist: Chuck Dixon, et al

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: Graphic Novel/Comic

Pages: 136

Format: Digital scan



Yet another Predator comes to Gotham, this time bringing a protege to train.

Tim Drake is the current Robin and he is now in the sites of the young Predator.

Can the Dynamic Duo put a final end to the Predator’s interest in Gotham and its Champion?


My Thoughts:

Now I know why I never bothered to buy this book back in the day.  This was pure pablum and a complete failure as a story.

It was formulaic, lacking in any and all intensity and felt like the money grab it was. There was hardly ANY fighting and Batman “capturing” the older Predator to shame all the Predators so they’d leave Gotham alone felt like an idea that someone had at 4am after about 8 cups of coffee.

There was nothing bad about this, but insipid is the best I could call it. To continue the coffee thing. This was a cold cup with generic creamer that’s congealed in a paper cup. Ughh.

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