The Spoils of War (The Damned #3) (Project Reread #5)

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Title: The Spoils of War

Series: The Damned

Author: Alan Dean Foster

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 273

Format: Kindle digital edition

Project Reread:

I am attempting to reread 10+ books in 2016 that I have rated highly in the past. I am not attempting to second guess or denigrate my younger self in any way but am wanting to compare how my tastes have changed and possibly matured. I am certainly much more widely read now [both in the good and bad quality sadly] than then.
I will hopefully be going into the reasons for any differences of opinions between then and now. If there is no difference of opinion, then it was a hellfire’d fine book!
Links may link to either Booklikes or Blogspot, depending on when the original review was.


The Amplitur surrender in hopes of winning the war by subverting humanity in the ensuing peace.

One of the Wais has made humanity her specialty of study. In the course of things, she comes into contact with the Core, the humans who can influence others like the Amplitur. She also discovers that the Lepar aren’t the slow stupid beings that everyone thinks they are.

Can humanity become a race that can live in peace or will they become the next Amplitur?

My Thoughts:


Reading this was practically like reading a new to me book. I just didn’t remember any of the details. My previous review of Spoils of War was spot on in its assessment but with no details…

I enjoyed getting a viewpoint from the Wais.  However, just like the previous books, no resolution to the questions raised is ever brought about. It is more of a shrug of the literary shoulders and a “who knows?” Still found the overall series very enjoyable if not quite as compelling as before.

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