16 Years of Book Recording

In April 2000 I began tracking what I read. I started with a little Mead 3×5 spiral notebook, much like one of these:


In it, I simply noted the date/day, title, author and genre.  Mind you, this was before Goodreads was even a thought [that I’m aware of] and reviews tended to be either word of mouth or by professionals in a newspaper. I wasn’t reviewing but simply recording what I’d read, so that I wouldn’t spend “precious” reading time reading the same thing over by mistake. That had happened several times in Bible School. As my mortality was now within my gaze (I did a lot of growing up during those 3 years], I realized that I didn’t have time to accidentally re-read books, and this was before the plague of indie dreck inundated the reading world. It was also a natural outgrowth of my journaling every day during those 3 years.


In 2004-5, blogging hit my social group and we all began our own blogs and for about a year it was an explosion of words. Things began to wind down and I thought about how else I might make use of blogger. It was also at this point that my notebook began falling apart and I realized I needed to replace it. The thought of writing it all down, AGAIN, was not a nice prospect. So I decided to start typing it, at least that way it would stay online.


In 2007 I joined Goodreads but didn’t really start utilizing it until 2009. Even then, I never made more than a literal handful of friends and I think it stayed in the single digits. However, in ’13, with the free speech ban, I left GR. I came to booklikes, along with a lot of other people and made my home here.


And let’s be honest. In the 2 1/2 years that I’ve been here, I’ve dealt with and dealt out, more drama than in the last 13 1/2 years. People I’ve insulted, people insulting me. Some on purpose, some by accident. Seeing people come, seeing people go.

Making friends. Making a LOT of friends. For those who are introverted, you know what I mean.  Of course, with the uncertainty of recent times here at Booklikes and with Leafmarks shutting down, I’ve been wondering if I’d have to move again.


Thankfully, that won’t be the case as long as Booklikes stays open. I am starting to backup my reviews using a separate Calibre Library filled with empty books, so I’ll be able to back them up and not have to worry about losing them online.


So to wrap up this little maudlin interlude, a lot has changed in 16 years and a lot has stayed the same. And please ignore me as I go up and down here at Booklikes. I review the books I read, everything else, well, I guess that is part of being human.

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