The Lonely Dead (Straw Men #2)

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Title: The Lonely Dead

Series: Straw Men

Author: Michael Marshall

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 339

Format: Kindle digital edition



Ward and the other people from the previous book return. Trying to hunt down Ward’s twin, Paul, they are getting nowhere. Until the Straw Men decide that Paul is too out of control for even their tastes. Then they allow the 3 just enough clues to hopefully put Paul down but with enough leeway that Paul can return the favor to the trio.

Paul’s gone off the rails, convinced that bigfoot is really magical Neanderthals and that if he can kill one, he can propitiate whatever imaginary dark gods exist for the Straw Men.


My Thoughts:

In the previous book, we were let into the mind of a killer. This time around we just watch the author clown around. Telepathic neanderthals that can twist your mind into seeing magical elves or unicorns or bigfoot. Come on.

I like fantasy. But I didn’t realize that this was fantasy. The hopeless existential nothingness was still there but the ridiculousness of the overall idea just kept me from feeling it. Which is good, I guess? Probably not the author’s intent though.

I’ve got the final book available to me and I’ll be reading it. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Paul the insane serial killer who makes even the Straw Men afraid, turns out to be Lucky the Leprechaun, complete with a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal.

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