The New Watch (Night Watch #5)

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Title: The New Watch

Series: Night Watch

Author: Sergei Lukyanenko

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 420

Format: Kindle digital edition



Prophets and Tigers and Daughters, Oh My!

So it seem that the Twilight is an intelligent being and it does what it needs to to protect itself. The Mirrors are one such manifestation.

Tigers, a being that hunts down prophets, is another. At first blush it appears that Tigers want to prevent prophecies from being heard, hence, come into being. Come to find out, they are a goad to the prophets, making sure they DO prophesy and hence bringing about chaos, which the Twilight feeds on.

At the same time, Anton realizes WHY his daughter was brought into being. Anton must make a choice which will affect his daughter and all the Others that are and ever might be.


My Thoughts:

I think this was the best Night Watch book to date. Anton has come full circle, where he is now the mature Other who understands the whys and wherefores. In the first book he was the young new Other who wanted to change the world with magic. He has to deal with a situation where he has to explain the “facts of life” to a young Other who just wants to make everyone “good”. Ahhh, the irony. It really allowed Lukyanenko to show off his writing chops.

The manipulation by both Zabulon and Gesar in the creation of Anton’s daughter left me breathless. To have foreseen the threat posed by an intelligent Twilight and to have so cold heartedly mucked about with peoples’ live and destinies was both awesome and scary.

It is hinted that Gesar will soon be getting bored in Russia and moving on. It would seem that Anton is the logical successor should this happen.

I started this Night Watch series almost a year ago. I have enjoyed each one and while I don’t know if there will be any more, I certainly hope so. This is Urban Fantasy that I enjoy and can recommend. The style definitely won’t appeal to everyone, but I like the Russian soul, as it is the same whether old or new.

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