Thraxas (Thraxas #1)

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Title: Thraxas

Series: Thraxas

Author: Martin Scott

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 164

Format: Kindle digital edition



Thraxas, once time soldier and minor sorcerer, is now in his 40’s, seriously overweight and kicked out of the palace sorcerers’ squad. He is now a Private Investigator, on the cheap.

The elves have given the King a bolt of red cloth, which is immune to magic. At the same time, the orcs have lent a dragon to the King. It is election time, murders abound, drugs are flowing like water and everybody is hiring Thraxas. Which puts him in a LOT of danger. Even Makri, the human/elf/orc in her chainmail bikini and super warrior skills might not be enough to save him.


My Thoughts:

Ok, the cover. The one on this edition I have seen before and I KNOW I turned away from reading this. Looks like some kind of cheap cosplay. However, I saw this series with this cover:



Now, that has just as much cheese, but it also shows Thraxas, Ahhh, and he is truly the center of this series. A fantasy private eye, who’s fat. How much more funny do you want?

This was a good twisty turny mystery with lots of magical mayhem. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had fun every step of the way. Thraxas’ self-deprecation does wear thin after the 2nd or 3rd reference however.

This series is on my phone and I look forward to the next several books. They are small chapters, which works out fine on lunch breaks.


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