Stiff Upper Lip, What, What?



Every couple of months I login to Goodreads, mainly to remind myself of why I left a community of thousands of people who review books and staff that is constantly updating the site. So I just checked in this evening and speaking of updates. They have apparently redone the feed/home page, again and from what I can tell, it appears to be more aimed at pushing books than actually being your friends info. I thought to myself, “well, maybe I could deal with this if Booklikes folds some day”.

Then, like I always do, I headed to the Feedback Forum and read over the “rules” from 2013. The ones that state that you can’t have a shelf entitled Badly Behaving Authors and a lot of vague wording that allows them to delete your shelves and reviews just because. With all of the bugs and lack of staff and lack of a growing community here at Booklikes, I will still take being allowed to say what I want how I want about anything over a slick production that sticks a rag in my mouth and kneecaps me in a dark alley.

But a little bit of me, deep inside, wants to go back. Kneecapping and all 😦

One thought on “Stiff Upper Lip, What, What?

  1. My GR’s shelves are very simple: from 1980 to 2019. No other crap. If want to see the SF I read they should come and have a look at my website! ROTFL!


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