Terrorist Summit (The Executioner #44)

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Title: Terrorist Summit

Series: The Executioner

Author: Don Pendleton & Steven Krauzer

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 184

Format: Kindle digital scan



A maniacal American kidnaps the daughter of a Tech Contractor, who has figured out how to make suitcase nukes. He uses her to get a prototype which he then plans on selling to a disparate group of worldwide terrorists.

Everyone is in one place and it is up to Mack Bolan to rescue the girl, kill the terrorists and put the fear of God into the organizations which they are all from.

If there is one man who can do this, it is The Executioner!


My Thoughts:

My final Mack Bolan book.

In some ways it was a good book. Tons of action and bullets and splatterings of scumbags. I really like seeing Final Justice dispensed to those who deserve it. In other ways it was very disappointing. The descriptions of the kidnapped girl were simply lascivious and not appropriate at all.

That made this an uncomfortable read for me. However, I’m sure this type of thing continues so it makes even more sense for me to stop now. I do think that next year I will pick up the latest Mack Bolan just to see how the series has progressed over the years. To put this in perspective, this book was written in 1982 and the series is still ongoing.

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