Going Dark (The Red #3)

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Title: Going Dark

Series: The Red

Author: Linda Nagata

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 465

Format: Kindle digital edition



Shelley is the team lead of a group of individuals who are working directly for The Red. They seek to end Existential Threats [ie, world ending, world changing] before they can occur.

But Shelley isn’t prepared for The Red to be a fallible program and when it appears to fail him, Shelley must decide if he’ll continue to let The Red run his life or if he’ll start controlling himself.


My Thoughts:

This was the most overtly philosophical of the books and hence we spend a good bit of time in Shelley’s head. You know what? Shelley is an idiot. He has tossed aside his own brains and expects The Red to be his god and to be the kind of god that gives him everything on a platter. He forgets that The Red is a program and nothing more. In many ways, this was the story of Shelley growing up and beginning to rely on himself and other people instead of an ephemeral bit of code.

There is just as much action as in the previous books. Pulse pounding, boot thumping, bullet shattering action. Shelley is always one step from dying, either from the enemy or from his relying on The Red and considering how the author has treated him in the previous books, you just never know if he’ll make it or not.

There isn’t much resolution really. Shelley just decides to stop relying on The Red and be a fracking man. Hoo Ra!

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