The Running Man

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Title: The Running Man

Series: —–

Author: Stephen King

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 260

Format: Kindle digital edition



Ben Richards signs up for the Games to earn money for his sick daughter. He knows that the Running Man is rigged but all he needs to do is stay ahead of the hunters for 3 days and his wife and daughter will receive his earnings.

This is the story of Ben Richards, fighting for the survival of his daughter while having it televised as entertainment for the masses.


My Thoughts: Spoilers

The emotions in this book were palpable. Richards’ hopelessness, despair, cynicism and determination rolled off the pages and over me like a wave. I never got depressed from it though, as his determination was in the forefront and simply ruled his every thought and action. Ben Richards was a very desperate man, but he was not a broken man.

Taking place in 2025, King displaces the issues of his day from the late 70’s and early 80’s and simply magnifies them into the future. It isn’t a pretty picture.

There is also absolutely NO supernatural aspect to this book. I’m not used to that coming from King, even though since this is a Bachman book it can be excused. It was also very short, once again, comparatively. I’m thinking next year’s Stephen King book will be one of his fatter ones.

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