Myth Alliances (Myth Adventures #14)

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Title: Myth Alliances

Series: Myth Adventures

Author: Jody Nye & Robert Asprin

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 275

Format: Kindle digital scan



Skeeve is feeling insecure, as usual, and so to prove that he can actually be on his own, takes a job to help some world that has been taken over by a bunch of Pervects.

Of course, Skeeve being the total idiot that he is, gets everything wrong, still solves the problem and makes his former mentor Ahz proud of him. Trophies of Participation for everyone!  *gag*


My Thoughts:

I deliberately omitted the “humor” tag because this just wasn’t funny. I think there were places where it was “supposed” to be, but it fell pretty flat. The story was mediocre as well and the characters were so manipulated that it wasn’t well received by this reader at all.

Skeeve has had an on again, off again, potential with both Tananda and Bunny, but here the authors just have him come out and say he couldn’t get involved with either of them because “they were like sisters to him”. Oh for phracks sake. Just introduce another female character for him to fall in love in love with and let the other 2 fade out. Don’t pull manipulative writing to introduce tension. This isn’t the series for it.

Even though I’ve read this far along and there are only 19 books in this series, if the next one isn’t a notch higher, I’ll be done. I can’t stand this much mediocrity packed into only 1 book. And especially after the introduction was practically a love fest for Jody Nye being a new collaborator. I expected more and was sadly disappointed.


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