Hell is for Devil Bats (Eyeshield 21 #9) (Manga Monday)


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Title: Hell is for Devil Bats

Series: Eyeshield 21

Author: Riichiro Inagaki

Artist: Yusuke Murata

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga

Pages: 208

Format: Digital Scan



The Devil Bats lose. But only by 1 point. So the American team has to stay in Japan, which leads to Hiruma taking their plane tickets and taking the Devil Bats to Texas. Where they promptly win a game of beach football, win $1000, spend $1000 on snacks and run across Hiruma’s old coach.

He challenges them to accept the Death March, a grueling 40 day training period where they will pack in 1 years worth of training on the way to Las Vegas, where they will get enough money to fly back to Japan. Everyone accepts and thus begins a time that has killed all who have attempted it, da da dum!


My Thoughts:

The humor was in your face in this volume. As soon as Hiruma gets to Texas, he immediately heads to a gun store, where the owner tells him that he can’t take the guns back to Japan, to which Hiruma responds “I’ll be smuggling them”. Then Sena and Monta try to shoot some handguns and go ass over teakettle. I was laughing my head off.

The beach game was a fun little interlude leading into the training. In classic shonen style, the training is shown as powering/leveling up instead of the boring,hard work it really is.

One thing to note is that everyone, but Mamori of course, now knows that Sena is Eyeshield 21. The team spirit begins to coalesce and the Devil Bats truly start becoming a team instead of just a group of individuals that Hiruma is tricking into working together.

And that’s it for this week’s Manga Monday.

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