Is There A Loser in the House? (Eyeshield 21 #10) (Manga Monday)

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Title: Is There A Loser in the House?

Series: Eyeshield 21 #10

Author: Riichiro Inagaki

Artist: Yusuke Murata

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga

Pages: 208

Format: Digital Scan



The Devil Bats begin their 1200mile training course from Texas to the city of Las Vegas. Along the way Sena meets a cute roller blade girl and her brother, who are wrapped into the storyline. Sena accidentally tries out for the NFL. The team as a whole gets a lot stronger [duh, pushing an 18 wheeler 1200 miles tends to do that].

Meanwhile, back in Japan, Shin begins extra training at Mt. Fuji. Panther shows up to test himself against Shin and realizes that he is an ant compared to Shin. Shin continues his non-ability to interact with electronics.


My Thoughts:

Another solid read. I found this volume to be very balanced between “Inspiration!” and humor.  Shin training himself and rating Panther’s ability in an eyeblink was the former. The 3 clowns from the Devil Bats pawning ALL the clothes so they could gamble [and being escorted from the casino by burly guards whilst unclothed] was very much the latter.

At Las Vegas we see Mamori in a cocktail gown and while it was just one little frame, it made it very obvious that Mamori is a young woman, not a girl. Not fan service’y at all but more that she could carry it off. Part of her emerging maturity is the fact that she is seeing how hard Hiruma is pushing the team, and himself. She is seeing beyond the “psycho gun toting madman” facade to the hardcore dedicated player and can appreciate it without making a big deal of it. It is also shown up with the emergence of Suzuna, the roller blade girl. She’s Sena’s age and is presented as such. I hope that the 2 of them have larger roles in the future.

The book ends with them winning all the money they need at the casino and getting ready to head back to Japan. The volumes about America have made me laugh because it is a view that is distorted yet just recognizable enough that I know where the distortion is coming from. Like looking in a fun house mirror.



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