The Deluge Drivers (Icerigger #3) (Project Reread #11)


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Title: The Deluge Drivers

Series: Icerigger #3

Author: Alan Dean Foster

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 320

Format: Kindle digital edition

Project Reread:

I am attempting to reread 10+ books in 2016 that I have rated highly in the past. I am not attempting to second guess or denigrate my younger self in any way but am wanting to compare how my tastes have changed and possibly matured. I am certainly much more widely read now [both in the good and bad quality sadly] than then.
I will hopefully be going into the reasons for any differences of opinions between then and now. If there is no difference of opinion, then it was a hellfire’d fine book!
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Synopsis: Spoilers

Just as Ethan and Skua are getting ready to leave Tran-Ky-Ky, Ethan gets suckered into taking a job for his company as the Representative for the world, meaning that he has to stay on Tran-ky-ky.

At the same time, some egg heads on station find an anomaly in the weather, which upon investigation, shows that the whole of Tran-ky-ky is in danger. With the help of Ethan, Skua, Milliken, the Slanderscree and the eggheads, that danger is proven to be man made.
Mad scientists, renegade Tran, a melting world and the genocide of an entire species. Has Ethan stepped in it or what?
My Thoughts:
 The weakest of the trilogy, unfortunately.
My Review from ’05 pretty much nails the story line.
This just felt worn and old. While Icerigger excited me even upon my latest re-read, this didn’t excite me at all. I certainly have no desire to ever re-read this again. The shallowness of the characters really shows up here.
In fact, this is exactly like the Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold series by Brooks. First book is great, but since all the characters are cardboard, that flaw shows up in greater detail in each successive book. Problem is, to get deeper characters, you’d seriously up the page count and the plot couldn’t handle that.
Now, that doesn’t mean this was a bad book. It was just a generic SF book that was written for pure entertainment and absolutely nothing else. It fulfills that mission quite admirably. And back when it was written in the 80’s that was all we as readers were looking for. The tome-meisters hadn’t gotten on the scene yet and publishers wouldn’t have published them anyway.
Good to finish up the storyline and that was about it. Read it and forget it.

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    1. It was a complete success! But that is because I really did cherry pick the good ones. I do plan on writing more about it on my Year End Wrap Up post on Sunday. So many things to write and so little time. aaaayyyyyeeee

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