December ’16 Roundup & Ramblings

Another good month overall.

Only Tropic of Serpents was 1star and that was because it bored me rather than because it was poorly executed. Several 4 & 4 1/2 Star reads, so I’m pretty happy with that.

The Blood Mirror was probably my best read this month, as it had a mix of Epic SFF, Complete Tomenosity [weighing in at just over 700 pages] and a solid hefty storyline. However, Heirs of Empire was definitely the most fun book of the month and it hit the sweet spot even while I was able to acknowledge that it wasn’t in the same league as Blood Mirror.

Manga Monday is continuing strong with Eyeshield 21. This manga series is really keeping my interest and is doing a great job of mixing the sports with the personal. Christmas brought me lots of giftcards so I’m going to be using them to start buying my next manga series to read, Oh My Goddess!. With 48 volumes, I’m going to need all the time that the next 20 volumes of Eyeshield 21 can give me.

Project Re-Read finished on a decent note with the rest of the Icerigger Trilogy. I’ll be talking more about that in my 2016 Yearly Roundup tomorrow or Sunday.

Working out the kinks with being on WordPress, Booklikes and now Librarything. Once again, more of that in detail in the Yearly Roundup.

My reading of Don Quixote slowed down but that was because of Christmas and New Years and not working so much. Once I hit January and am back to a vacationless working schedule, Sunday’s should be filled with updates from it again.

And to end, here’s some cover art love:


Now is that just great looking or what? I also happened to love the story!


Who ever is doing Week’s covers for the hardcovers sure has my number. They are great!

10 thoughts on “December ’16 Roundup & Ramblings

    1. If you got to the 25% mark and still weren’t feeling the love, I wouldn’t try again. I did find that each book took me about 10% to really get into it. Each book. It was almost like Weeks set out to do that just to me 🙂


  1. Well, that does it, I’m going to have to bump The Blood Mirror up to the top of my list – I was sad that I wasn’t able to get to it this year, but maybe for 2017! Should be plenty of time to catch up before he puts out the last book at least.

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    1. yep, seems to be about 2 years between books, maybe 18months. but even that is a pretty good clip, considering how big they are. He’s no Sanderson for speed but he’s also no Martin…


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