The Toughest Warriors in Tokyo (Eyeshield 21 #15) (Manga Monday)


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Title: The Toughest Warriors in Tokyo
Series: Eyeshield 21 #15
Author: Riichiro Inagaki
Artist: Yusuke Murata
Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 208
Format: Digital Scan


Synopsis:  Spoiler

In a surprise move, Sena carries the ball through the Poseidon wall and it looks like he’s home free, until he gets tackled on the 1 yard line! With 2 seconds on the clock, Sena is blocked and it is up to short Komusubi to literally use all his strength and push the whole group of players into the end zone. Hence winning the game for the Devil Bats.

Sena meets an old friend and it turns out they’re going to be arch-rivals in the next game, as Riku is the secret weapon for the Gunmen in the next match. Master and Apprentice matchup!

Deimon High has a field day and Hiruma blackmails those in charge so he can run it as he sees fit. He then proceeds to use it as a training day for his players. What a sneaky guy!


My Thoughts:

Wow, wow, wow!!!

The conclusion to the Devil Bats/Poseidon game was fantastic. That is how a sports manga should read, in doubt of who will win right up until the last second. Even while knowing that the series continues up to 37’ish, I was still wondering who was going to win. That is the kind of experience I want.

The Field Day chapters lent the humorous air that I’ve come to expect and was executed perfectly. Hiruma and his plans. The manga-ka must have a blast coming up with such silly and fun ideas.

The ongoing story line of Musashi and why he’s not on the team continues and we see that without a kicker the Devil Bats can’t possibly win against the last couple of teams. 1 or 2 points will decide the games to come. Things are obviously being setup for a dramatic return at the last deciding moment of one of the games. Rather good drama.


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