Savage Homecoming (Omega Force #3)


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Title: Savage Homecoming

Series: Omega Force #3

Author: Joshua Dalzelle

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 261

Format: Kindle Digital Edition



The synth that initially found Jason on Earth, who was all set to betray, backstab and sellout Jason, is back. With a vengeance. The synth knows where Earth is, knows who to mess with to manipulate Jason and its got some new allies. Big hitters that can wipe out the tech of a whole planet.

So Jason has to save Earth, save the girl, save his new connection with the alien government who is funding Omega Force and come to terms that he can never go back to Earth again. That is a lot to put on one man’s shoulders.


My Thoughts:

The odd thing with these Omega Force books is that I tend to enjoy them overall but not in bits. In other words, I liked Savage Homecoming taken in its entirety and the idea, but if you were to ask me when I was reading Chapter Q if I liked it, I’d probably be “meh”.

Earth is menaced and even while Jason single handedly saves them, he’s now a wanted man because he gets blamed for bringing the aliens to Earth in the first place. That sounds just like the humanity I know and hate, doesn’t it?

The woman “mysteriously” referred to in previous books shows up and my goodness, I did not like her. It is now wonder she and Jason are ex’s. She does what she wants without thinking of the consequences or about what she is trying to accomplish and Jason just goes along with it.  Thankfully, she gets relocated back to earth and we won’t, hopefully, have to deal with her in future books. This sets things up for Jason to hook up with the alien Captain instead, at least she acts like a mature adult.

The various battles were pretty good but Omega Force had a lot of petty word fighting amongst it’s members. Not banter, but spiteful little girl style spats. It really seemed out of character and I’m not sure exactly what Dalzelle was trying to accomplish with it.


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