Petrodor (A Trial of Blood and Steel #2)


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Title: Petrodor

Series: A Trial of Blood and Steel #2

Author: Joel Shepherd

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 525

Format: Kindle Digital Edition



Sasha is now in the city of Petrodor. Various political factions are vying for the role of leading a new army against the Serrin. The Serrin in Petrodor are playing their own game, unfortunately for them, they don’t understand humanity nearly as well as they think. And the humans allied with the Serrin are split as well. Then once the Priesthood gets involved, all bets are off.

Sasha must navigate allies, enemies and some who are both at the same time.


My Thoughts:

I’ve given this series 2 books worth of my time. I simply didn’t like this one either.

Narrowed it down to the fact that I don’t like one single character. The story was intriguing, the political, religious and species aspect of things were well done and complex and the fighting was fun to read about.

But without even one character to like or root for, it wasn’t worth it. So I’m dropping this. I’m kind of hesitant about trying his Cassandra Kresnov series now. Sure glad I discovered him with his Spiral Wars series and not this.


17 thoughts on “Petrodor (A Trial of Blood and Steel #2)

      1. Ugh, I hated Matt with a passion and even Perin got annoying after a while. Rand was just.. Rand 😀 I didn’t mind him so much, but I only read the first couple of books before I gave up.

        I hated the ladies in it even more! Especially this Nynave, however you write it. And of course she is after the one cool guy in those books.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this one, but I can totally understand you! When I don’t like any of the characters it’s just not worth reading anymore.. Even if the worldbuilding is good and there’s nothing wrong with the writing…

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