The Midden


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Title: The Midden

Series: —–

Author: Tom Sharpe

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Genre: Satire

Pages: 352

Format: Kindle Digital edition



A rich, spoiled boy gets involved with drug runners who want him to frame his uncle, who is a judge. Spoiled boy runs off, gets drugged, and somehow gets involved in small town politics.

A corrupt police chief, a woman who doesn’t want the burden of taking care of her ancestral home and a various cast of inept and bumbling idiots all come together for a finale of death, fire and explosions. Not to mention a Black Mass where hordes of children are to be sacrificed.


My Thoughts:

On the surface, this should have been as funny as Riotous Assembly. However, while it was just as biting and satirical, it came across as bitter and angry without the humor. In fact, this left me in a completely foul mood for about 24hrs.

When a book affects me like that, I drop the author like a hot potato.


15 thoughts on “The Midden

  1. Too bad! It had such promise when things come together with death, fire and explosions.

    I’m sorry that it caused the foul mood – I hate when books do that. Actually, strike that. Hubs hates when books do that to me. I typically like to rant about it.

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  2. I love humor as much as anyone, but still I approach all books described as parody of satire with a wariness because what’s funny and what’s not is so subjective, and you just never know what you’re going to get. I know one thing though, “bitter and angry” is NOT what I have in mind for a fun time. Those are the types of “humor” books that go straight into the not-for-me pile.

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    1. I have a VERY wide range of people who I follow and their interests can be nowhere near my own, so I’m exposing myself to other books that I wouldn’t necessarily come across on my own.
      Glad I read the first book by Sharpe, as it made me laugh so hard I hurt. But now I know not to try any others.

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