Jubal Sackett (Sacketts #4)


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Title: Jubal Sackett
Series: Sacketts #4
Author: Louis L’amour
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Western
Pages: 368
Format: Kindle Digital edition



Jubal Sackett, youngest son of Barnabas Sackett, is a loner and a wanderer. Tasked by his father to find land further west for his brothers, Jubal gladly obeys. Along the way he is somehow swept into finding an indian princess, starting a small community and saving said settlement from rogue indians AND spanish slavers.

Ends with him and the indian princess finding the perfect valley and settling down for the long haul.


My Thoughts: 

This felt like a very long book and after comparing it to previous Sackett novels, it is. Almost 30% longer in fact.  Most of that 30% could have been cut if Jubal’s introspective monologues had been cut to the first chapter or 2 instead of being repeated every third chapter. Seriously, how many times do I need to read about him wondering why he wants to wander, how his brothers are doing and how his mother and sister are doing in England?

Other than that, this was a great “Man Against Nature” and “Man Against Man” story. Fighting a wilderness that wants to kill him, fighting indians, fighting spanish, there was a lot of action here.  This was the type of story that I think of when I think Sacketts.

The decision to limit these to one every 2 months was a good one. Any more and I’d be clawing these up. I’m actually wondering if there is a way that I could push it to one book every 3 months, but every scheme I’ve come up with is just too complicated. Right now I regulate it by having X number of series/books on my kindle and just reading through them by series. To push it out to 3 months I’d have to add a bunch more series and that would push all the other books out to 3 months and I don’t want to do that. Keeping track manually isn’t going to happen as I’ll forget.




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8 thoughts on “Jubal Sackett (Sacketts #4)

  1. I think I might have read the first book, but it was soooo long ago that I don’t remember. I do remember liking the T.V. show though.

    I seriously don’t understand how you get so much time to read. I can’t believe the number of books that you get through. Yes, that is envy that is flowing from my typing. :-Z

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It isn’t so much that I “get” so much time to read as it that I “make” so much time to read.
      We don’t have kids, we’re both introverts, we don’t watch tv on a regular basis [we have amazon prime and that is it, not even network television] and we prioritize down time. For example, sometimes we go to visit my brother and sisterinlaw after church on Saturday. But I always weigh that with how I am feeling after church. Feeling down or tired or anything? Go home and read instead of visiting.

      So as odd as it may sound, it is more of a lifestyle choice than anything. Since I enjoy reading so much it isn’t a sacrifice at all 🙂


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